My aunt Maritza pez is one of my biggest motivations to try to see the world through a different glass. Photography gives me a different point of view and constantly reminds me that the world can be seen in many different ways. Click on the links below to preview and buy images from our archives.

     Since food is also something that I deeply enjoy, food is one of my favorite subjects to photograph. I have commissioned to take photos for many Mexican restaurants in the Seattle/Tacoma area. Some of my clients include: El Rinconcito, Maya's Mexican Restaurant, La Taverna and others.

     I will be featuring photos at FOTOLIA. Shutterstock will also bu up soon
     Click on the link below to go there.

     I have also been commissioned to take photos for Lucca's Guide to Latin Entertainment magazine.

     Please feel free to contact me at:  or
     (206) 240-1266

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